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Corona Stories from a Quarantined Yogini

It wasn't until early March when the Novel Coronavirus started to become more of a big deal here in my world in Michigan. It was clearly a huge issue in China, but I am not one to watch the news, so I blew it off when I heard concerns from my family members. I thought back to when Ebola was a huge deal and how that quickly got stomped out. I was actually in California for my old job at Amway when Ebola came to the USA, and I remember freaking out over it. I was so worried that I would catch it on the plane! Since that went away quickly and it's way more deadly than Corona, I thought what's the big deal?

The last weekend in February of this year, we enjoyed a fun vacation to Northern Michigan with friends. On March 7 my husband and I hosted a party at our home for our friends! It was a 70's Themed Karaoke Party and we seriously had the best time. We enjoyed these activities all while feeling so carefree! Little did I know that very soon, I would no longer have a steady job, and that all of our lives would change so drastically.

Fast forward to today, Friday, April 3 as I write this Blog in my beautiful backyard on a 60 Degree day. Today is the 18th Day since my dream career has been mostly put on pause, since I stopped making a solid income that I've worked SO HARD to build! I am SO thankful that I have been able to teach a few live classes from my home each week. This gives me purpose, to try and bring some peace into lives of others. I am also thankful that I've been able to practice Yoga daily via virtual classes! I am thankful for what I have, and at the same time feel uncertain about what teaching yoga will be like when we go back. I also know what is meant to be will be.

Since March 16, when Gretchen Whitmer closed Fitness Establishments, I have left my home very few times and have had very little in person interaction. Even my interactions with my husband are limited since he still has to go to work a few times each week. Life's a little lonely and nothing really feels safe to me. Here's where I've gone since March 16: Work (I had a noon class that day and she didn't close us down until 3pm), my chiropractor (I won't be going again until after the pandemic calms), grabbed groceries twice, once in store, once to pick up an order, got take out and went to the local post office to drop off my Netflix DVD (don't worry, I didn't touch anything besides the DVD itself...they have a drive up mailbox that you can just slide the mail into, and it felt nice to drive down the road!)

To be honest, just leaving my home for essentials is scary to me. Even ordering groceries and having to see another person I don't know feels unsafe. When I picked up groceries last, the person who brought them to me got way too close to my window...back off people! LOL. I will continue to explore different grocery stores until I find one I'm comfortable with. Harvest Health is next on my list! I feel like each time I go anywhere, I have to re-set my 2 week clock to watch for symptoms. I am concerned for my family, friends, my husband and his colleagues. I can't imagine what I would do if I lost someone close to me from the virus. It would add much more complexity to this already trying time.

I am also very thankful for my home and our outdoor space, for the fact that we can put food on the table and that we have emergency savings that I can file for Unemployment for lost wages. I am also thankful that my Husband is still able to work, even though he is still reporting to work twice a week, it's better than every day. I worry a lot about him catching the virus at work even with a very slim staff there who are properly social distanced. I worry about his staff and the employees in their plants making essential items for hospitals, semi trucks and food stores/establishments. In order to make money and provide these essential items to the world, they have to stay open and risk their lives. I also knew that people on the front lines are at even greater risk. Ugh, such a mess.

Never in my life would I have imagined being in this scenario. It feels like something that belongs in a horror/sci-fi film. But here I am, making the best of things at home, happy that spring is well on the way, hoping that by myself being home is making a difference in this fight. Thank you to all of my lovely friends and family members who are staying in contact though virtual meetings. It really makes my heart happy each time I see you! Stay tuned for more blog posts as I continue to stay in Quarantine!

Peace & Love,


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