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About Melissa

I'm a no frills kinda woman, who loves yoga and loves to share it with others..and guess what??? You need to have ZERO flexibility or yoga experience to give it a try. All you really need is the ability to breathe, an open mind and open heart.

Personal testimony...I have experienced so much healing in body, mind and spirit since I began my yoga journey in the Spring of 2012. I first came to my mat with some serious anxiety and depression issues, during a time when I was working on recreating myself and my life. The life-changing experience this practice has provided for me has lead me to become a certified yoga instructor myself, and I enjoy sharing this precious gift with others!

A little about me...I am originally from the Greater Detroit Area and moved to West Michigan in 2002. After receiving my Bachelor’s Degree and working in Kalamazoo for eight years, I moved to Grand Rapids! I currently live in the Grand Rapids area with my husband and little Dachshund Frank. Besides yoga, I love to hang out with family and friends, cook nutritious meals, travel, read books and enjoy what life has to offer at its fullest.

I look forward to meeting you soon and sharing this practice with you too! :)

NAMASTE. (the light & love in me, honors the light & love in you!)

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