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Outdoor Yoga Classes!

$10 per participant, $50 or 5 Person Minimum

Includes 60 minutes of Yoga Personalized to your Group & Yoga Playist at your Location of Choice.  Bring your own Mat or Beach Towel.


This is a great option for Employee Team Building, Bachelorette Parties, Birthday Parties, Women's/Men's Groups,

Family/Friend Gatherings...just to name a few! 

Yoga is a great fit for any occasion or group! 

Social distancing guidelines must be followed.

Travel Cost: Any location over 30 mins from Grand Rapids Area is subject to

travel cost of $.58 per mile.

DSC03547 (3).JPG

$50 for a 60 Minute 1:1 Session

$75 for a 60 Minute 1:2 session

Sessions held at your Outdoor Location of Choice

Perfect for someone new to the practice of yoga, learning yoga basics, prep for your first class in a group setting, couples yoga, refining your practice, understanding yoga poses in your body or learning relaxation techniques.


Outdoor Individual Sessions

Virtual  or Socially Distant Wine Tasting Parties

Gather your wine-loving friends either in Person or on a virtual platform of your choosing for a night of wine samples, wine education and fun! 

Party Host has the opportunity to receive free and/or discounted

Clean Crafted, Organic wine.  Includes 3 samples of wine from Scout & Cellar pre-poured in individual tasting cups.  In person tastings must follow social distancing guidelines.

Wine Toast
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